Visit PACE for the care you need ... stay in the home you love.

Thousands of families across NC have found a different and better kind of care through PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly). PACE provides the services and supports to enable aging loved ones to continue living safely at home. Participants receive comprehensive, managed care that preserves their independence and offers quality care. Family members gain respite, assistance and peace of mind.

PACE is also good for the state. PACE operates as a three-way agreement between the PACE program, State of North Carolina and the federal government. PACE offers high quality care and outcomes, and is cost-effective for the state.
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Is PACE right for you? Learn how PACE can help with the care and support you need to age in place.

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Each PACE service area is determined by the State of NC. Locate the PACE program in your area.

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