Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly


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September NC PACE Month

Welcome to the North Carolina PACE Association website! Are you looking for a way to keep a frail, elderly loved one at home instead of in a nursing home? Wondering if there is a program near you? Or do you want to bring PACE to your community? 

PACE – Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly -   provides comprehensive health care and services that allow individuals 55 years and older who qualify for nursing facility level of care to remain in the community with their friends and family.

The NC PACE Association promotes this proven program and works to expand it so that all North Carolinians have access to PACE services. We know that PACE provides better care, an improved quality of life and is cost-effective.

So please peruse our website. Here, you’ll learn what PACE is, what services it provides, where PACE facilities are operating in North Carolina, our plans for future growth and the types of support available to communities, individuals, and PACE programs.

“The Trust continues to support the statewide PACE Association, as well as individual sites around the state, because of the organization’s ability to deliver excellent health outcomes for low-income, elderly North Carolinians. In fact, PACE is one of the few programs that deliver results that meet or exceed those for more financially advantaged elderly residents. Investing in PACE is in line with Mrs. Reynolds’ vision to improve the quality of life and health for all North Carolinians, regardless of where they live or how much money they make.”  -  Allen Smart, Health Care Division Director, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust