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Webinar Telehealth and Hybrid delivery of PACE

Webinar Telehealth and Hybrid delivery of PACE

Join Rosita Wong, CEO, HealthJay, for an informative presentation on how virtual platforms are being embraced by health care services and payers as effective vehicles to engage and serve clients, caregivers and families.

As health care costs continue to rise, especially during this COVID-19 era, the development of innovative virtual platforms is being presented to elevate service delivery on-site, in-home, hybrid models, engagement and revenue.

This session will highlight ‘how’ providers can integrate virtual programming into daily operations when the end-users are non-tech-savvy; and how to differentiate Product Functionality, Security, Management Over-site, End-user Experience, Audits, and Data Tracking/Reporting.

The session will identify pathways to leverage virtual platforms to scale the reach to care recipients—ensuring optimal outcomes at a lower cost. Several revenue models of virtual programming will be introduced. Training practices, diversity and inclusion, and strategic planning for virtual programming will be shared as a vital part of sustainability.

The Raffle prize is a JayPad Virtual Programming “Buddy” tablet!

12/11/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

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