It's PACE Month - in North Carolina and throughout the Nation

Governor Roy Cooper has declared September as PACE Month in North Carolina. His timely recognition comes as the state transforms the majority of its Medicaid system from fee-for-service to managed care. One of the original managed care programs in the state, he notes that

"PACE is a model for managed care, having demonstrated improved health outcomes and greater satisfaction for its participants."

PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) first became available to citizens in 2008, when Elderhaus opened in Wilmington. Currently, eleven programs serve over 2,200 participants and their family members with twelve centers dotted across the state. However, approximately two-thirds of the state is without PACE.

North Carolina is currently soliciting existing PACE providers to expand to some of these unserved areas. The new areas to be served by PACE will be announced in mid-November.

North Carolina first celebrated PACE month in 2016. The next year, the effort was adopted nationally, and September PACE month is now celebrated across the country. This year's PACE month theme is "Many Hands, Many Minds, One Goal" - a celebration of the PACE interdisciplinary team and its role in promoting independence for PACE participants.

The interdisciplinary team, or IDT, includes at minimum a:PACE intterdisplinary team
  • primary care provider (physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner),
  • registered nurse,
  • Master's level social worker,
  • physical therapist,
  • occupational therapist,
  • recreational therapist or activities coordinator.
  • dietitian,
  • PACE center manager,
  • home care coordinator,
  • personal care attendant and
  • driver.
This team coordinates the person-centered, comprehensive care designed to enhance the quality of life, autonomy and health of our community's frail older adults. Through the services and supports provided by PACE, 95% of our participants are able to remain living at home.

NC PACE Association invites you to experience the PACE model by learning more about your local PACE center. Click here for a list of PACE centers in the state.