Last month, Vital Research released findings from a survey on PACE caregivers in North Carolina. Overall, PACE received high satisfaction scores as a care provider in supporting family caregivers.

The survey on caregiver burden found that 96.6 percent of family members are satisfied with the support they receive through NC PACE programs, and 97.5 percent of family caregivers would consider recommending a NC PACE program to someone in a similar situation.

Nearly half (49.6 percent) of family members reported high caregiver burden at the time their loved one enrolled in PACE. After enrollment, more than 58 percent of those experienced less burden.

“Most caregivers want to provide support for their loved ones but might not have the resources to do it themselves,” said Executive Director Linda Shaw of the NC PACE Association. “Our North Carolina PACE programs can give professional support to family caregivers.”

The PACE model of care is centered around an interdisciplinary team that delivers care across various settings. As a result, PACE can tailor care plans for enrollees and their families, providing respite care and caregiver training and support.

With 11 programs in 37 counties, NC PACE programs provide care to individuals age 55 and over who qualify for a nursing home level of care. PACE is the most successful model for keeping individuals out of nursing homes and in the community, where they enjoy a higher quality of life, remain connected to the community, and receive care in the most cost-effective way.

You can view highlights from the survey in the infographic below.

Infographic NC PACE Caregiver