Leadership Transition

As was announced this spring, Linda Shaw is retiring as the Executive Director of NC PACE Association. Her last day will be July 8th. The Board of Directors has retained Judy Baskins to lead a strategic planning process and to serve as Interim Director until the permanent director is hired.

Judy is a nationally known PACE expert, having founded one of the original PACE demonstration programs and a TAC (PACE Technical Assistance Center) in South Carolina. She was the founding president and chair of the National PACE Association and has held increasingly responsible positions of leadership within one of South Carolina’s largest health systems.

Read on for farewell words from Linda and a summary of her accomplishments as the founding Executive Director of NC PACE Association.

To My PACE Friends and Family:

Seven years ago, I was debating what – if anything -  I wanted to do next in my professional life. I had been an executive director of nonprofits most of my career, and I didn’t really want to do that again. But an ad for a part-time director of a new health association caught my eye. I started reading about PACE and its mission to provide comprehensive health and its focus on low income elderly. I’d never worked in the health arena, but I knew about the “social determinants of health” and about the challenges faced by low income people and about the cost of health care and about the importance of working in coalition, so I applied. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

This has been an extremely fulfilling and rewarding job. I am certain I will miss it and all of you. I have never worked with a more dedicated, intelligent, caring, committed and just plain kind group of people in my entire career. While my job was to support you, you have supported me in innumerable ways. I often joked that my primary goal in going back to work was to get health insurance. Well, I achieved that, and so, so much more. But as I close this door, I’m looking forward to the new adventures that await me.  

Though I am deeply disappointed that PACE still isn’t widely available throughout the state, I am proud of how far we have come. The process of changing perceptions and policies is long and slow, but the Association is well down the road now. Expansion WILL happen, but it won’t be on my watch. I anticipate that our efforts to secure regulatory relief also will materialize, and I look forward to reading about it in future updates from the Association. Executive Director or not, I will still be a huge PACE advocate!

Thank you all for hiring me, for believing in me, for following me, for supporting me. It has truly been an honor and a privilege. 


P.S.  Travel is on my retirement agenda, so all of you who said “come see me” – look out!!

Press Release (March 11, 2019)

NC PACE Association Executive Director To Retire   

Cary, NC — Linda Shaw, Executive Director, NC PACE Association (NCPA), has announced her plans to retire during 2019. Linda has agreed to continue in her role until the earlier of the hiring of the new Executive Director or August 31, 2019. “My decision to retire is purely personal.  I have enjoyed my role with the Association immensely, but the time has come for me to focus on family and friends,” shared Ms. Shaw. 

Hired in 2012, Shaw is the first Executive Director of NCPA and is one of only a handful of full-time state executive directors in the country.

The NC PACE Association has blossomed under Shaw’s leadership.   She organized the nation’s first and only statewide PACE conference, which is an annual event started in 2014.  The conference is highly regarded and draws attendees from other states throughout the region and country.

Dave Beijer, Chairman, NCPA, indicated, “We appreciate Linda’s contribution to the Association, as well as her flexibility on an actual retirement date as it insures that we have continuity in leadership”.  Beijer praises Shaw for being an advocate for state-wide expansion of PACE including the rural areas of NC and for leading efforts to educate health care providers and the general public about PACE.

Shaw garnered a national reputation while serving as the Chair of the National PACE Association’s (NPA) State PACE Association Leadership Council and as an ex-officio member of the NPA Board of Directors.   

At the State level, Shaw led advocacy efforts with the Department of Health and Human Services as well as at The General Assembly.  Under her leadership, PACE has garnered support for existing programs in North Carolina to expand beyond their current service areas. She also led efforts to establish PACE Month in North Carolina, a tradition now replicated by the National PACE Association.

NCPA represents North Carolina’s eleven Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).  These programs serve individuals (“participants”) that are 55 years of age or older, categorized as “nursing home eligible” by the State, reside in an area served by a PACE organization and are able to live safely in the community.  Most participants are covered by both Medicare and Medicaid.  The programs are reimbursed on a fixed per member per month rate (or capitation payment) and, in return for the fixed payments, are responsible for providing all health services.