Ashton and Steve
Center Manager Ashton Andrews and CEO Steve Hess (pictured left, credit: WHQR/GG) talk with Gina Gambony of WHQR as Elderhaus celebrates their 10th anniversary with an Open House on 4/28.

"The key with PACE is, we are a health plan that is funded both through Medicare, Medicaid and potentially private funds, paid privately and all-inclusive is everything that you can think of that an individual may need medically. But also it covers a lot of the social aspect of life, you know, the whole movement within healthcare today is moving toward a preventative, proactive approach to healthcare. And PACE is well ahead of the curve. You know, you hear a lot about accountable care organizations, ACOs, managed care. The state of North Carolina in 2019 is going to a dually eligible managed care program. PACE has been doing this for years in the country, we've been doing it in North Carolina for 10 years." - Steve Hess

Listen to the entire interview here to learn more about Elderhaus and the PACE model of care.