PACE Participant Bowling

Now serving more than 2,000 frail seniors, PACE or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly offers a unique blend of community-based care and services to its participants in North Carolina. For many, the program is a no-brainer for the medical services alone, but there’s a lot more to the model of care PACE provides.

As a PACE participant, you’ll get access to prescription drugs, doctor care, transportation, home care, checkups, therapy, and hospital visits when necessary. In most cases, costs are covered by Medicare and Medicaid (if eligible).

Other perks may include medically-necessary care and services not covered by Medicare and Medicaid that our team may decide you need. For instance, PACE participants may receive help adapting their home when mobility issues arise. Services are rendered so you can continue living safely in your community.

What are the criteria to enroll in PACE?

You are aged 55 years or older.

You live in the service area of a PACE organization. Click here to find a program in your area.

You’re certified by the state of North Carolina as needing a nursing home level of care. PACE will provide a free medical assessment to determine whether you qualify for this level of care. After the assessment, your application is sent to the state of North Carolina for final approval.

You would be able to live safely in the community if you get PACE services. An in-home assessment is conducted by a PACE specialist to ensure your safety. Depending upon your personal circumstances, most programs require that you have a designated caregiver or partner you can count on for support and assistance.

Want to sign up for PACE? Speaking with an enrollment specialist is free and is the first step to getting the coordinated care you need. To get started, contact the local PACE program in your area.