Prescription Bottles

When the doctor prescribes a new medication, we often forget what to ask.

There’s no standard way that health care providers talk to patients about medications. But when you enroll in PACE, our doctors and nurses clearly communicate what to expect when taking a new prescription.

Luckily, we have a list of questions to ask when you visit an outside doctor or pharmacist. These FAQs were suggested by Southern Pharmacy, a partner and pharmacy provider for some PACE programs.

Southern Pharmacy provides a range of services to PACE participants such as high-level accuracy when dispensing medications, specialized packaging, daily deliveries, and much more. PACE and Southern Pharmacy take full responsibility for the medication management of our beloved seniors.

Not enrolled in PACE and picking up a new prescription? Here are 15 things you should ask your doctor or pharmacist before leaving your appointment.

Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist When Taking a New Rx

  1. What is the name of my medication?
  2. What does my medication do?
  3. How long should I take my medication?
  4. What should I do if I feel better and I do not want to finish the entire amount of medication prescribed by my doctor?
  5. Does my medication contain anything that can cause an allergic reaction?
  6. What foods, drinks, or activities should I avoid while taking this medication?
  7. Is it safe for me to take this medication with other drugs or dietary supplements, or alcohol?
  8. Should I expect any side effects from my medication?
  9. Is there a generic version of my medication?
  10. What should I do if I miss a dose of my medication?
  11. How soon should I feel the effects of the medication?
  12. Will any tests be necessary while I am taking this medication?
  13. What are the risks associated with the medication, and do the benefits outweigh those risks?
  14. How should I store my medications, and how long can I keep them?
  15. What about disposal of unused medications?

Want to learn more about what Southern Pharmacy does for PACE?

Southern Pharmacy

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