Participants at Senior CommUnity Care say "thank you for keeping us in our homes"

PACE Stories


Participants served across the state since the first PACE program opened in 2008.

100% of participants certified as needing nursing home level of care

Yet 95% live in the community, with only 5% in skilled nursing facilities.

64% of the state is still waiting for PACE

An application has been pending with the state to expand PACE to an unserved area since January, 2013. It has been 9 years since a new PACE service area has been designated in NC.

PACE has and continues to be a phenomenal program that has exceeded my family’s expectation of emotional support and all-inclusive medical care. My mother, Mildred Thomas, was accepted into the PACE program September 1, 2016 where she transitioned from a local nursing home facility following a severe ischemic stroke January 18, 2015. Her prognosis had she remained in the nursing facility from the view of the family appeared grim as she was consistently losing weight, fatigued, and was sedated through her multi-pharmacy prescriptions. As her primary care giver, I am so pleased that through the PACE program she has had a successful transition from the nursing home to home; she has increased to a healthy weight and she is thriving mentally and socially. The care team through the PACE program have and continue to be a vital asset in familial support through services offered, equipment for the home, and life changing care that has exponentially increased the quality of life for my mother. Our family is so grateful for the inception of the PACE program and the opportunities it has offered in making her transition to home very successful. Andrea Thomas