Registration FAQs

Signing In
Unsure if you have an account to sign in? Try "forgot username?" link. Or, if you know your username but have forgotten your password, use the "forgot password?" link to receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

Creating an Account
If you do not have an account, please use the "Create an account" link. Start typing your organization name and then choose from the dropdown. All PACE programs in NC are already in the system; it's important that you do not create a duplicate organization. If you do, you will not receive the member rate.

Member Rate
Staff members of PACE programs in North Carolina receive the discounted member rate as long as they create their account with a work email and choose the PACE program that is already established as a member organization. If you do not see the discounted member rate displayed, there is an issue with your account - we can help.

Additional Exhibitor/Sponsor Registrations
Exhibitors receive one complimentary full registration; Partners receive 1-5 depending upon their level of support. Additional full registrations are available at a discounted rate. To receive this discounted rate, your account must be associated with an exhibitor or sponsor company, and it takes 24 hours to take effect once you associate. If you only wish to staff an exhibit table, you may register for a complimentary nametag; you will not receive admittance to sessions, meals or reception.

Speakers wishing to attend the conference must register as either a member or non-member and pay the attendant registration fee. Those speakers who will be present for their session only should choose the "Session-Only Speaker".

Registering Others
In order to register others at your organization, you must be given administrator rights. All Executive Directors of PACE programs are administrators by default. If you wish to have administrator rights to register others, please contact North Carolina PACE Association.

If you are registering others, it is helpful to collect their information in advance. Depending upon whether they have an existing account, you may have to either review their information for correct name, job title, etc. or you may have to set them up as a new organizational contact. When creating a new contact, it is very important that you choose the existing member organization when you start typing in the dropdown for organization. If not, you will create a duplicate organization and they will not receive the member rate.

When making their selections for the conference, you will need to know if they need any accommodations or if they have any dietary restrictions, and their breakfast and lunch choices. Optional activities include the Thursday night evening reception and the Friday site tour.

Sharing a Registration
We do not offer one-day registrations. However, we do allow you to share a registration with another staff member. In completing your registration, only select those program items for the day you plan to attend. Add the other staff member as a guest to your registration, and only select those program items for the other day on the registration. For example, Susie Q. CenterManager is attending Thursday only. She registers, pays the full cost of the registration, and selects only Thursday program items. She adds John F. Socialworker as a guest, and selects only Friday program items. This lets us know that the registration is shared and you will only pay for one registration.