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2015 Overview

Setting the PACE: Choosing Your Future”
NC PACE Association 2015 Conference


Dear PACE Friends and Colleagues:

We invite you to join us for the second North Carolina annual conference Setting the PACE: Choosing Your Future” April 10-11, 2015 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Durham, NC! Our 2015 conference promises to be even bigger and better than our successful first event.

Our inaugural conference in 2014 was a truly remarkable gathering – with high energy, attendance, interest, enthusiasm, substance, and ample opportunity for learning, networking, and inspiration. Close to 200 people came together for two days to talk about PACE and how to make it work even better. And almost every one of them indicated they’d like to do it again in 2015! We hope you will be among them this year – as a returning attendee or a new participant!

Our goal for the 2015 Conference is to continue building upon the foundation laid when the NC PACE Association was established: creating a community of PACE programs and supporters that can grow, connect, share, educate, and advocate. PACE and the people it serves face constant challenges, and our choices in the future will be greatly affected by choices made today. The stronger our coalition and community is, the more effective we can be in ensuring that PACE remains a real choice for our client community.

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Warm regards,

Aimee Reimann, Board Chair
Linda Shaw, Executive Director



Last year’s inaugural event brought together PACE program leaders across the state with a common goal to drive positive change in healthcare.  The North Carolina PACE Association Conference was a first of it’s kind, and the turnout was tremendous.  2014 was a turbulent year with legislative changes, and challenged PACE programs to demonstrate the quality of care and cost of services they provide.  Health system leaders must meet a twofold challenge: to create quality clinical experiences and good clinical outcomes for participants, and to maintain the fiscal health of their organizations.  We’re looking forward to participating in this year’s conference to connect with customers and gain new ideas to innovate healthcare information technology.

Brenda Vatland, Mediture Account Executive