Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Live Premiere of NC PACE Video

Remarks by Linda Shaw, Executive Director, NC PACE Association
September 12, 2016
PACE of the Triad PACE MONTH event
Live Premiere of NC PACE Video

I hope you enjoyed our video. I can tell you that a LOT of work went into it! But ...

I want you to know that every single moment of it is absolutely real – these are our real participants, their real family members, and the real partners and professionals our programs work with every day to deliver PACE care.

The equally important thing to know is that you heard only a snippet of each person’s story.

But perhaps the MOST important thing to know is that right now, here in NC, there are at least another 1800 stories that we can’t fit on a 6 minute video. That’s how many people are currently enrolled in PACE today. And honestly, that is but a smidgen of the entire population that could benefit from our services.

The NC PACE Association is dedicated to bringing PACE to more of the state's residents. We are the united voice working to educate people about PACE, to support and address common issues impacting the delivery of services by our operating programs, and to advocate on behalf of those in need of this unique service. We are committed to providing a real alternative for all nursing-home eligible North Carolinians.

We are thrilled that Governor McCrory has declared September to be PACE month in North Carolina, and we are deeply honored, Secretary Brajer, that you have taken the time to be here not only to officially proclaim it but to help us recognize it. We hope this recognition will increase awareness and help us meet the demand for the all-inclusive, person centered care provided by PACE  -  a model of care which enhances the quality of life, not only of the medically-challenging participants but of their family members as well.

We’ve got the partners to make this happen right here in the room ... our state administrators and our NC legislators, Congressman Walker who will help us with the federal part of the 3-way PACE partnership, and our many local officials.  If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here. (Lunch ain’t gonna be THAT good!) So on behalf of the NC PACE Association, let me thank you again for joining us here today, but let me also leave you with a request as you go back to work ... I ask that each and every one of you become an ambassador for PACE – if you aren’t already.