Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Award

Remarks by Linda Shaw, Executive Director, NC PACE Association
September 7, 2016
Community Reception to Welcome Dr. Laura Gerald, new President of Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Thank you for this opportunity to recognize the Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust during North Carolina’s first “PACE Month”.

The Trust was a very early partner of PACE in NC, supporting not only individual programs seeking to serve rural communities, but also the NC PACE Association.

Working together, PACE and the Trust have provided care and services enabling thousands of frail elderly to continue living in their homes despite health conditions that render them eligible for nursing home level of care. Currently, about 1800 individuals are enjoying the comprehensive care and improved quality of life PACE provides. Almost all are very low-income, and almost all live out their final days with PACE.

The Trust was also the first “PACE Partner” of the NC PACE Association. Indeed, without the Trust, the Association might not exist today. Our founders – including the wise staff of the Trust - recognized the importance of a statewide united voice working to educate people about PACE, to address the common interests of our operating programs, and to advocate on behalf of those in need of this unique service. The support and collaboration with the Trust has enabled the Association to pursue this broader mission. As a result, we have a remarkably unified membership that works cooperatively to weather challenges to PACE, such as state enrollment freezes, and we conduct the nation’s only annual statewide PACE conference. Perhaps most importantly, North Carolinians have a real alternative to nursing homes, thanks to the support and foresight of the Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust.  

The PACE Association and the Trust have traveled many miles together, and there are many miles still before us.  But we are confident we have the best travel companion in the world, and we look forward to our future ventures together. On behalf of the NC PACE Association, our member programs and the individuals and families we’ve served, our deepest appreciation and thanks to the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.